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Project Report
GrameenPhone Customer Satisfaction

Prepared for

Dean of Faculty
Project Coordinator
Professor Abdul Mannan
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Prepared by

Hussain Md. Abdur Razzaque
ID # 1997-1-10-035

September 8, 2002
School of Business
East West University

September 8, 2002

Professor Abdul Mannan
Project Coordinator
East West University
45-46, & 53 Mohakhali
Dhaka – 1212

Sub: Submission of the Project Report on GrameenPhone Customer satisfaction.

Dear Sir:

With great pleasure I Hussain Md. Abdur Razzaque am submitting the project report on “GrameenPhone Customer Satisfaction” as a requirement of graduation for BBA for the BUS-498 course. I was encouraged and enthusiastic to go through the GrameenPhone office and as well as the Grameen Bank head office at Mirpur for collecting the detailed information of the origin and history of Grameen. I have also collected information from other primary and secondary sources.

The findings are based on the primary data, personal interview, annual reports, newsletters, books, journals etc. I have considered your guideline very carefully and analyzed the project according to your instructions. Also I have tried to collect the background, organizational operations, mission statement & objectives, and do SWOT analysis etc about the customer satisfaction of GrameenPhone as much as possible I could. According to the requirement of the project I have written Findings, Analysis, Response to the customers of GrameenPhone, problems they have face and also facing, and their necessity steps taken to resolve them.

I believe that, within my limited knowledge this project report provides a detailed and clear picture of the GrameenPhone customer satisfaction. This project report became possible because of due to your cordial cooperation. I have...

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