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This is a Request For Proposal on encouraging vendors to submit proposals in training Dragon’s Den staff on the use of Microsoft Office programs through a competitive process in the form of bidding. This process has proven to be a sure way to obtain the best suppliers for this type of training. It will give the company the purchasing power and still be able to negotiate with the bidding suppliers.

Dragon’s Den is the company that is requesting the proposal. This company wants to bring in outsiders to properly train their old and new employees. By training the employees that have already been with the company will keep them up to date with the software. The training will provide the employees with how to proficiently use the Microsoft Office Program applications. These applications include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. There will also be basic training on the use of computer and the company’s software.

This Request For Proposal will guarantee the most effective and efficient way to get the training services needed.

Dragon’s Den was established in 2001 to provide technical support, web design and purchases of different electronics to business and families throughout the U.S. Dragon’s Den has offices located in 16 states and is currently still expanding. Dragon’s Den was founded by Jermaine Cook in Lake Charles, La. There has been no maximum budget for the project established at this present time.

Minimum Qualifications
Dragon’s Den will consider only those suppliers who have effectively trained at least ten (10) companies as closely related to the company that is requesting this proposal.

Must prove your ability to meet the requirement and include name of past companies that the vendor has successful trained their employees.

Dragon’s Den offices...

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