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Res 341 Week 1

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Current Business Research Project Paper
There are many different ways to conduct research in business. One of the forms that will be written about here is qualitative research. The paper will be written on the following paper
Define the business research and its purpose This paper shows the qualitative research on international trade and development. It shows the development of sales strategies in the international environment. It also shows what social and cultural differences occur when creating a sales strategy in a foreign environment. It also shows how difficult to conduct business in other countries, due to the ethical, cultural and religious values of other countries.
Explain the Business Problems under Investigation
The problem seen in the paper is developing business in other countries. This is mainly due to the development of international trade. The development of business in foreign countries is made by cross cultural, economic and geographical differences. These differences tell us that individuals in other countries will react differently to those here in the United States of America.
Describe the Data Collection methods used in the Research Project One of the research methods in this paper is an in depth interview. This type of research is different from a focus group because it is a one on one interview. So the information gathered is more in depth and more information can be gathered. The number of interviews can be small or large. The interviewee can be a product user, customer or an expert in that particular area that is being researched.

What did the Researchers Conclude as a Result of their Research?
The researchers concluded that cross cultural research has flaws. In the United States and Europe focus groups and in depth interviews are widely accepted. In Asia and other countries this type of research can be flawed....

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