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Current Events in Business Research
October 26, 2014 Current Events in Business Research
I have read and analyzed the article titled, “Technology could ease textbook costs: Studies show students are slow to embrace new methods of learning” by Christopher Magan, 2010. This article explains how advances in technology are not as welcomed, as it should. In the analysis of this article, I will determine the research and purpose of the article, as well as discuss the complications under examination, the used methods of inquiries, and the completion of the research.
An association professor of communication at Wright State University, Lynn Disbrow, received an award recently by the Ohio Board of Regents (Magan, 2010). This award was in recognition for her digitally making speaker notes, which reduced the cost of materials from $90 to $35. That enabled students the same supplementary material at a much cheaper price. The reality of the textbook market is that with the invention of tablets and net books, traditional textbooks will lose some market share to digital print. Many universities have already begun this transition.
For as quickly as students accept technology trends such as social networking, studies show that students are slower to transition to digital textbooks. The Student Watch put together a study in 2010 which revealed seventy-four percent of students would rather use printed textbooks. As many as 60% of students were unaware that their textbooks were available to them digitally. Students use printed textbooks from the onset of primary education; this thought process stays with them throughout their scholastic career.
In an effort to maximize profit and the low cost of digital print, book companies will be transitioning more to it in the future. McGraw-Hill publishes all of their textbooks in both print and digitally, and many companies are eager to join them in this regard.
The technology wave will only increase the demand for digital print. Now most students have some sort of computer or tablet. Colleges and universities are transitioning to paperless which is also fueling this transition. Students will have to open up their minds and transition as well, the future of paperless is here now.
The digital age of textbooks is here now and there is no going back. Even if students prefer a traditional textbook the business climate is not going to support this avenue forever. At the University of Phoenix the digital age has taken over, I don’t even know where to get a traditional textbook. The digital book is also afforded to me for free, which would be nearly impossible with a traditional book. There is a good chance in 20 years that students will not even use a traditional textbook at all. References
Magan, C. (2010, June 12). Technology could ease textbook costs; Studies show students are slow to embrace new methods of learning. Dayton Daily News. Retrieved from

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