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Identification of Research Topic Over the past five years while working in a residential care home for people with dementia, the researcher has observed that incidents of violence and aggression both physical and verbal towards health care staff happened regularly. The incidents of aggression affected staff mentally and physically but the majority of incidents went unreported. The nursing staff, registered nurses and nursing assistants in this environment both acknowledged the seriousness of this on-going problem to them. However the reluctance to report the aggression is because they considered the aggression to be part of the job despite them acknowledging it as a problem.
England is an ageing society and as the population ages, health care providers, government, communities and families are faced with the burden of caring for people with dementia (Cubit, 2010). According to Access Economics (2005), dementia is becoming increasingly predominant to the aging population worldwide. A survey of over 15000 care homes in England and Wales found that 78% of residents were cognitively impaired (Bowman et al, 2004). In addition the Alzheimer`s Society (2007) reported that there are around 750 000 people in United Kingdom with a dementing illness. A more recent survey by the Alzheimer`s Society (2009) reported that around one third of older people with dementia in UK live in residential home care settings, representing 200 000 individuals. According to Leonard et al (2006); Zuidema et al (2007) aggressive behaviour may account for 30% of behavioural problems in care homes. The term “dementia” is commonly used for a number of neurodegenerative syndromes and the most common form is Alzheimer`s diseases and cerebrovascular disease (Rodney (2000); Fahey et al. (2007). Aggressive behaviour, physical violence or nonphysical violence causes stress to...

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