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Examining the Atheist Belief and Defending the Christian Faith

Rhonda Rigsby
APOL 500

Target Audience The selected target audience for this paper is atheists. Atheists are defined as “a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of God or gods”, according to the Random House College dictionary. The first order of business within the atheist argument is that atheism is not a belief at all. Many Christians cringe when they hear the word atheism or that someone is an atheist, while some become angry, others consider it an opportunity to convert a lost soul. Statistics have shown an increase in atheism, which was predicted in the bible, and many tend to think that atheists all come from a scientific background and that as many as ninety-five percent of scientists are atheists. A study by Curry concludes differently reporting that seven percent of scientists are Christians and twenty-one percent are agnostic, while seventy-two percent report they do not believe they have a personal god.However, during this study it appears some skewness existed in the sense people were asked if they believed that God was affective and communicates with mankind. With this a part of the equation, most based their response on the fact they did not think God, if they believe He does exist, actually tried to communicate with mankind. At the end of the study, they concluded that thirty four participants actually were atheists by the above mentioned dictionary’s definition. They do not categorize themselves as other non-believers such as Buddhism or Hinduism. Since the 1920’s physicists have believed the Big Bang theory is responsible for creation some 13.7 billion years ago. They note it as “not a point in space and time, but a point of space and time. “ This created a problem for physicists in

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