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This assignment will initially identify my chosen research statement along with its relevance to contemporary nursing practice. A discussion of how research provides an evidence base and how the literature search was carried out will follow. From here I will critically appraise two research articles, one article will be based on qualitative research and the other quantitative research. A conclusion will then be formed of how the articles either supported or did not support the research question. The research articles will relate to the research statement
“Your life” “Your condition” is the theme associated with self-management/self-care of long term conditions. Are current interventions appropriate to support self-management/self-care in mental health?
For the purpose of this assignment I have selected articles which focus on a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach to self-management in relation to anxiety. I have chosen this statement as I have recently completed a placement within a Primary Care Mental Health Team who facilitate self-help for people who experience anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder. I had the opportunity to work closely with individuals who had been diagnosed with mild to moderate anxiety, where facilitated self-help played an important part in their recovery.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists (2013) describe anxiety as something that is experienced by everyone in reaction to stressful situations which can be helpful in avoiding danger, making us more alert and increasing our energy. However anxiety can become a problem when this feeling of fear is felt often or when there is no cause for worry
Facilitated and non-facilitated self-help is of particular relevance to contemporary nursing practice as one in ten people will experience anxiety at some point in their life (See me, 2013). Furthermore due to current…...

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