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Research-Competencies of Grade 7 Students in Math

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A Title Proposal Presented to

In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements in EDUC 501 – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY


RATIONALE Mathematics is one of the most important school subjects in the curriculum worldwide. It is a subject that cut across primary and secondary school as compulsory subject. Mathematics is also a subject that has a direct relationship with other subjects, particularly technical and sciences. Therefore, Mathematics, as a school subject must be learned comprehensively and with much depth. Everyone has the ability to learn the subject, although some people learn and make connections more quickly than others. It is a familiar notion that people learn mathematics in different ways. Some people remember best what they have seen. Others are good in words. Some may be competent in solving problems but have difficulty learning mathematics formula. There are students who are good with their hands or who have creative, artistic talent and flair but who have difficulty with more formal mathematics learning and who do not see themselves as able learners at all.
Learning the subjects requires a high level of motivation and emotional involvement on the part of the students. Students with positive attitudes toward learning mathematics are likely to be motivated and prepared to learn, participate willingly in classroom activities and persist in challenging situations. Low achievement or repeated failure in math often leads to negative attitudes and lowered confidence, resulting in reduced effort or even math avoidance, leading to further failure.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study will determine the Mathematics Competencies of Grade 7 students in the Second Congressional…...

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