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Research Development Paper

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Research Development Paper

September 21, 2015
Tiffany D. Cron

The purpose of this study was to understand human nature and potentially explain why people act the way they do. In the video Attention and Consciousness - Unlearning through Hypnosis, they discuss the research conducted by Amir Raz. He completed a study using hypnotic suggestion, which found the brown can override responses that experts have long assumed to be ingrained and automatic. He believed that there are ways to make some people undo automatic behaviors such as be able understand a person’s native language and also it points to hypnotic suggestion as a powerful new tool for brain research. The study focuses on the Stroop Test, which is a hallmark of attentional research that asks people to simply name the ink color a word is printed in. For example, the word RED may be printed in a green font. This can automatically set up a cognitive conflict with our brain, which is likely to answer what it reads, even though the correct answer is green. This study applies to the real world because of how we treat our patients today and how we can find different way to enhance their treatment options. There are various ways of helping people deal with their problems, whether it’s a family issue such as marriage problems, or an actual mental disorder such as depression or paranoia. Unfortunately, some people do not like the idea of sitting down and telling a complete stranger their deepest, darkest secrets. They feel that they could take a pill or keep things bottled up inside, which is not a good thing to do either. Some even turn to drugs and or alcohol as a way of dealing with their issues, which makes ends up making matters worse. Sigmund Freud used to give his patients different treatment options, to assist them with getting over their issues. For the psychiatrist, treating...

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