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(1) A few ethical violations can be found in this experiment. First, the subjects are ages 13-15. This age group/population is considered to be special because juveniles may experience violations of privacy, which is something that’s a great concern. Because researchers in this project informed the classmates of the subjects and because the subjects are followed for a year, everyone throughout the school has probably been made aware of the participation. Informing the classmates of the subjects’ participation is also a violation of confidentiality because the identities of the subjects have been revealed. Analysis and Reporting may also show ethic violations, because this also requires the identification of subjects to remain a secret. The researchers also violated ethics by gaining consent from the underage subjects instead of their parents. This is considered to be a special problem. Parents only receive a survey that assess changes in their child, and may not fully be aware of the project that they’re children are participating in. This could prove to be a legal issue in the event that harm is done to the child and the parent sues.
In order to eliminate the violations, a few changes can be made. Parents should be given a form to read and sign. In most cases, parents are better at comprehending information than children. By giving consent parents can ensure that the project is safe, which decreases legal liability. To protect subjects, researchers should not disclose the identity of subjects. Instead, researchers should inform the entire school that a project is being done and they should follow the entire school, catching more footage of the subjects. This will help to conceal the identities of the subjects because no one will know who is actually a participant. Maintaining confidentiality helps to maintain the privacy of the juveniles and assist with analysis…...

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