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Research Management Practices

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Research Management Practices
Of The Selected Schools in Oriental Mindoro

Statement of the Problem This study aimed to study the management requirements of the Research Programs of the selected schools in oriental Mindoro. More specifically, it answered the following questions: 1. What is the socio demographic profile of the respondents as to their age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, present position and employment status? 2. What are the Goals and Objectives of the Research Programs in the selected schools in Oriental Mindoro? 3. What is the status the Research Programs in the selected schools as to: a. Budget b. Projects c. Personnel d. Research Accomplishment 4. How effective is the management of the Research Program in respondent’s school in the following areas of concern: a. Staffing b. Planning of research projects c. Implementation of research projects d. Allocation and utilization of funds e. Monitoring and evaluation f. Dissemination of research outputs 5. What are the significant differences in the perceived effectiveness of the management of Research program of the selected schools when the respondent’s profiles are considered? 6. How relevant are the researchers conducted in the selected schools in terms of: a. Environmental impact b. Social impact c. Economic impact 7. What are the problems encountered in the Research Programs in the selected schools and their solutions in the following areas of concern: a. Staffing b. Planning of research projects c. Implementation of research projects d. Allocation and utilization of funds e. Monitoring and evaluation

Methods used: The researcher prepared questionnaires to be answered by the...

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