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Research Methods for Strategic Managers

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Course: Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

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Unit 16



Made By: Mehrine Kiren

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Module Teacher: Mr Rehan

Academic Session: Feb 2013 - Feb 2014



(CNN) -- As per a report published by CNN these days the mobile phones have become an increasingly ubiquitous part of our daily lives, they've had the effect of unleashing a kind of epidemic of spontaneity. We have started relying on these smart devices and as a result, a lot many of us have become exceptionally bad at planning. This has made us incapable to prioritize and set vague parameters for meetings and work out other finer details pertaining to our lives. This has resulted into our last-minute mania and accordingly it has started to shape a way in which we make hotel reservations for our dream holidays.

Henceforth, the proliferation of Smart phones and the Mobile Internet is finally beginning to have an impact on the way that people research and book their holidays. Though there are several Apps in the market which has enabled people to book flights and hotels on these several smart devices, but there has been scepticism about people that they actually book their next holiday on a mobile phone or other devices, where the size of screen is being seen as the main hurdle for such a high priced purchase. [1]

I chose this topic because nowadays technology is ruling the world and from work to leisure; people approach smart phones, mobiles and iPads. It is very obvious that in today’s busy world people do look for leisure activities. Therefore, I decided to choose this topic because I myself have a keen interest in holidays and look for leisure activities.

I intend to create...

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