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Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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Main Causes and Effects of Depression to Students in Polytechnic University of the Philippines School Year 2013-2014

Debaloy, Phoebe Blanche J.
Dela Cruz, Fe Amor M.
Pajado, Maricris Q.
Yap, May Concepcion A.
BSA 1-27
Professor Jerahmeel Christine E. Torrefranca
January 17, 2014
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background


Depression, also known as major depression, clinical depression or major depressive disorder is a medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest. Depression affects how the person feels, behaves and thinks. (Nordqvist 1) Furthermore, depression can lead to emotional and physical problems. Typically, people with depression find it hard to go about their day-to-day activities, and may also feel that life is not worth living.

A person who is depressed feels hopeless and becomes unmotivated to do anything. Even simple things like rising in the bed in the morning or eating become large obstacles in daily life. It persists and interferes with their everyday life. This is, perhaps, because of lack of social support, death or loss of a loved one, relationship problems, financial strain, bad grades or problem with Profs, being bullied or feeling like outcaste in every aspect in life.

Whatever form of depression, students are experiencing; the purpose of this research is to know the main causes of depression to students especially to PUPians, and the effects of it physically, academically, and socially.

In College student’s struggle in life, many have been reported that undergo certain kind of depression. It is for this reason that the researchers are interested in taking a more serious look into the factors that cause depression, particularly to PUPian students, who are considered as Iskolar ng Bayan.

Background of the Study

Clinical depression is known as major depression. It refers to the feeling of being sad, hopelessness, lack of energy, having no interest to the subject, having thought towards suicide. Furthermore, depression is the third cause of death for teens (National Institutes of Health, 2012).

There was also an article by Brunilda Nazario, MD (2012) that mentioned the common causes of depression-biology, genetics, gender, age, health conditions, trauma and grief, changes and stressful events, and medications and substances. In biology, it is said to be that there is a certain parts of the brain that it is not working normally; in genetics, if depression runs in your family, you have the higher chance of becoming depressed; in gender, studies show that women are about twice as likely as men to become depressed since their hormonal changes that women go through at different times of their lives may be a factor; in age, people who are elderly are at higher risk of depression. That can be compounded by other factors -- living alone and having a lack of social support; in health condition, conditions such as cancer, heart disease, thyroid problems, chronic pain, and many others increase your risk of becoming depressed; in trauma and grief, trauma, such as violence or physical or emotional abuse -- whether it's early in life or more recent -- can trigger depression. Grief after the death of a friend or loved one is in itself a normal emotion, but like all forms of loss can sometimes lead to depression; in changes and stressful events, it’s not surprising that people might become depressed during stressful times -- such as during a divorce or while caring for a sick relative; and in the medications and substances. Many prescription drugs can cause symptoms of depression. Alcohol or substance abuse is common in depressed people. It often makes their condition worse.
In contrast, another article was made by Natasha Tracy and reviewed by Harry Croft, MD (Psychiatrist) that stated the common effects of depression socially and academically. The social effects are: Substance use and abuse, social and family withdrawal. Physical effects, in addition, are over fatigue, sleeping problems, change in appetite or weight, and dizziness. Academically, depression has a negative effect in students due that they cannot focus or pay attention in class, peer relation or social isolation, and not doing school works.

Thus, researches want to discover how depression affects PUPians socially, academically, and physically.

Statement of the Problems

1. What are the causes of depression to PUPians? 2. How depression will affect to PUPians socially? 3. What are the effects of depression academically? 4. What are the effects of depression physically?

Significance of the Research

Depression is a serious medical illness which can affect one’s feelings and thoughts. These days many of us are experiencing these kind of disorder especially the teenagers. They have the reasons to feel depressed. Teenagers are one of the most involve with this topic. They usually encounter problems which can turn them into depress one because of not having good solutions with their problems.

This study will be very essential to the teenagers; even they have or haven’t been experienced to be depressed. This will provide a complete education to them. It will help them to be aware of what depression really means, what the causes are, and what the effects of it are. This study can also benefit the other people for better understanding about depression, that it is not just a simple illness but a serious one which can tend to suicide of a depressed person.

Furthermore, this study can be served as a basis for other future researchers of depression. It will help them to guide and compare their research with this one.

Scope and Limitations The research is all about the causes and effects of depression. The effects of depression will be classified as socially, academically, and physically. Since the research includes the effects of depression academically, the most involve in this research are students. On the other hand, this research is about depression, but it does not concern about how it can be avoided. The researchers had no intention of including the avoidance of depression for it will widen the coverage of the study.

Definition of Terms

Depression - the state of sadness and hopelessness.
Suicide – the act of taking away one’s own life.
Teenager – someone whose age is 13 to 19.

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