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Research Paper Huckleberry Finn, Candide, Don Juan

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Three works of literature, labeled immoral, unfit to read and even satanic, completely criticized for their use of vulgar language and “blasphemes” way of speaking their mind. What critics fail to see is the true creativity of the humor in Candide, the morality and kindness in Huckleberry Finn, and the passion of Don Juan. All three of these great works of literature have suffered the injustice of biased criticism and have been rejected from public schools, which wastes their educational potential. Candide has been place into the index of prohibited books, Huckleberry Finn has been banned almost every public school, and Don Juan has succumb to a similar fate. What people don’t understand is that these novels and works of poetry can show us more about how humans treat each other, how realistic some ridiculous things can be, and how we can understand ourselves. Candide is a novel written by the French writer Voltaire, it’s about a germen man by the name of Candide who goes on quite a journey meeting a variety of people, constantly running into political and religious figures with bad results. Meeting up with old friends and characters he believed dead, the novel consists of unrealistic situations in a comedic fashion but in the end, through all the hell he can say let’s just forget about it and move on in our life. This story can give you a real life perspective and show you that life shouldn’t be taken seriously, if a guy like Candide can go through what he did without a thought about it in the end, then so can you. One critic would agree, a man by the Edwin P. Grobe, who said “To work one's own garden is to embrace the present with fervor and dedication. It is to refuse to consider that which lies beyond one's own ken. It is to exhaust the possibilities of the immediate present because only the present lies within one's powers of apprehension”, he understood...

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