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Megan Ross
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31 March, 2016

It’s Just Cheerleading, No Big Deal. Can you feel yourself standing on four hands being held almost two times your height in the air? Or what about those same hands tossing you even higher to do a complete flip then landing. To a cheerleader this is just a simple task, entrusting others as they complete stunts to amaze the crowd. How would you feel if the sport you took part in every day was questioned? For a cheerleader, cheering would be considered a sport, but to an onlooker, it may seem as if the activity is just that, activity. You may be reading and saying, "I thought cheering was a sport", but in actuality by law, it is not considered a sport. The same debate has been going on for years about this subject. But has it come to an agreement? Cheerleading is a multi-cultural activity consisting of many different flips and cheers, but has to cheerlead in any way made its mark be a global sport? As a matter of fact, cheering requires the same physical stability as other sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, and others. Even though many may disagree due to the way television presents cheering. I believe cheering is a sport, and it should be classified under both Title IX and NCAA Sports. Cheerleading has developed over the last twenty years, from just sideline cheering at events of cheering doesn't just include the spirit shown with cheers and chants, and it now integrates the form and skills of gymnastics also. The competition alone has advanced for cheerleaders. The stunts, which consist of two to three participants holding another into the air almost six feet above the head. The tumbling is which requires a high amount of endurance to complete a complicated flip. With the progression of the basics of cheerleading, this has also caused an increase in injuries with time. Doctor Mary Lloyd Ireland...

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