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Research Paper On The Fault In Our Stars

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Faith and Doubt
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
If there's anything anyone can ever be certain of, it's that there will be change. There are a few things in life that can be considered irrevocably constant. Change comes in different forms and degrees of intensity, yet everyone reacts a different way to it. In all the books we read, this was evident in the stories and the characters. In Night, the Holocaust causes Elie to lose his faith. In Barabbas, Jesus' death resulted in a journey for Barabbas to find his faith. In The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus struggles with change in his disease by trying to find control and making the most of life. The characters in the story here try to find order in an otherwise chaotic setting. This
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Certainty doesn't exist. There's a problem. I realize that trying to find control is futile in the intricate connections of human life. This extended to isolating myself from others during my last years at middle school. I thought about it and told myself that it was the most logical thing to do. Eventually, I would leave these people. They wouldn't be pertinent in the upcoming years of my life. Why get close to them in the first place just to be sad in the end? People are the opposite of certain. They are messy, complicated, time-consuming, and deceitful. The last thing I'd do was find myself caught up in these strings of human interactions. I basically said goodbye friends two years early of graduation. Yet, I didn't understand. Why was it that when I'd go to a party surrounded by all my peers, I'd feel lonely? Why did I feel so irrelevant compared to the lives of others in general? My answer was because you were irrelevant. Who needs them, when I grow up, I'll change the world. People will remember me. The strange thing is that I was seeking verification from the people I distanced myself from. I want to change the world one day. I don't believe I will anymore. I still seek verification from

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