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Research Paper On Vibrio Vulnificus

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Vibrio vulnificus
The article, “Florida’s beaches are safe from ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria written by Doctor Catharine Paddock, states that Florida state health officials are informing the public that it is safe to come to the beaches and swim in the water. Some people are afraid to go to the beach and swim in the seawater because they could contract the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria and get sick. The V. vulnificus bacteria is also known as the flesh-eating bacteria (Paddock). Florida health officials are letting everyone know that it is safe to go into the water if precautions are taken. If a person is healthy and has no open sores or wounds, then they are at a minimal risk to get the bacteria. If a person has open wounds and immune problems than they are more likely to
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Information is included about how a person can encounter this bacterium through ingesting raw seafood and having direct contact with seawater and an open wound which can cause the infection to travel to the bloodstream. Characteristics of this bacterium and how a person will know if they have an infection are also outlined in the article. Data and dates of infections and deaths reported are also included to show people how rare infections and deaths are when a person encounters this bacterium. Information was gathered from the Center for Disease Control which states that the infections caused by V. vulnificus are not always reported (Paddock). The state officials want the public to know the risks and precautions to take so that they can still have a vacation at the beach. They even included some tips on how to clean, cook, and eat raw seafood and how to take precautions when swimming in

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