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Research Plan and Bibliography

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Research Plan and Annotated Bibliography
Emily Eakins
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ENGL107-1301A-12: English Composition II
Professor Chad Faries

This document contains my thesis statement with an outline of my main topic points. Each topic point will have details to support it in outline form. There will be an annotated bibliography of five sources: 1 editorial, 2 scholarly articles, one book, and one government website source.

Research Plan and Annotated Bibliography 1) Introductory paragraph A) Define what the crime of human trafficking entails. i) Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by the means of the threat or use of force, or other forms of coercion, of abduction… (Aronowitz, 2009).” B) Statistics on human trafficking ii) 17,500 people are victims of trafficking annually (Modern-day slavery, 2004). C) Human trafficking is a largely invisible crime to the public. 2) Thesis Statement (as part of introductory paragraph): Human trafficking prevention efforts should focus on three things: who is the offender, who is the victim, and how can we make the public aware of the problem. A) First main point: Many people who commit the crime of human trafficking share a similar type and method (1) 78% male

B) Second main point: There are many types of people who are victims of human trafficking. a. 33% adult women for sex trade (Aronowitz, 2009) b. 23% girls under 18 for sex trade (Aronowitz, 2009) c. 20-24% women and girls for other purposes (Aronowitz, 2009) d. 10% boys for the sex trade (Aronowitz, 2009) e. 6% boys for other purposes (Aronowitz, 2009) f. 4% for men in sex trade and other purposes (Aronowitz, 2009) C) Third main point: There should be a campaign run to make this crime more visible to the public. (1) government and nongovernment groups join to “raise awareness on all forms and dimensions of trafficking, facilitate cooperation, forge new partnerships among participants” (Aronowitz, 2009) (2) Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses the media to inform the public about human trafficking, based on outdoor public service announcements ( (3) Ice gives information to DHS in forms that can be distributed to the public (4) Need to increase these efforts and give more voice to the issue D) Fourth main point: There should be a campaign to teach potential victims how to avoid scenarios where they become victims. 3) Conclusion A) Restate the problem B) Give steps to fix the problem C) Remind readers that these people need their help.
Human Trafficking and Prevention: An Annotated Bibliography
Aronowitz, A.A. (2009). Human Trafficking, Human Misery: The Global Trade in Human Beings. Ipswich, MA: Praeger. Retrieved from This book will be a great benefit for this paper. It has information on victims, the exact meaning of human trafficking, offender information, and ideas about how to end human trafficking. The book includes data charts for use in statistics.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (2013). Human trafficking. Retrieved from This website is good for the most up to date information on human trafficking. It
Also contains public awareness program information. They also give a list of indicators, victim help programs, lists of recent investigations, and a program that discusses their attack on human trafficking by attacking money laundering sources.
Modern-day slavery. (2004). The Washington Times, p B02. Retrieved from
This editorial discusses recent steps taken to encourage victims to report the crime as well as steps that have been taken to help law enforcement find and prosecute human traffickers. This source includes a good statistic for my introductory paragraph. This will also give one source on what type of people become victims of trafficking.
Troshynski, E., & Blank, J. (2008). Sex trafficking: an exploratory study interviewing traffickers. Trends in Organized Crime, 11(1), 30-41. doi: 10.1007/s12117-007-9015-8.
This resource includes interviews with people who have committed the crime of human trafficking. It is limited by having only three interviews to report. This article shows that these activities take place in regular neighborhoods with innocent looking buildings.
Wilson, D.G., Walsh, W.F., & Kleuber, S. (2006). Trafficking in Human Beings: Training and Services among US Law Enforcement Agencies. Police Practice & Research, 7(2), 149-160. doi: 10.1080/15614260600676833. This resource discusses police views of human trafficking. These results can be used to compare with the views of the public. There are disturbingly few police officers who feel that human trafficking is a problem in their area. Lack of exposure to training and policy for police officers does not give much hope for the public being well informed.

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