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Research Project Endometrosis

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Endometriosis is a reproductive disorder that women in their child baring years. I the following paragraphs I will discuss what exactly Endometriosis is, how it may be diagnosed, symptoms and treatment, possible prevention and what might be done to help treat the disorder in the future. Endometriosis is called such because it resembles the endometrial lining of the uterine wall. Instead of growing on the inside of the uterus, the tissue grows on the outside. Every month, the endometrial tissue on the outside responds to hormones in the same way as the endometrial tissue on the inside of the uterus. The tissue enlarges, breaks down and causes bleeding. Unlike normal endometrial tissue, it has no way of leaving the body. Endometriosis is typically confined to the pelvic region of the body but it is not uncommon to find it in other regions such as abdominal. According to, “there is no simple test to diagnose the disorder.” Endometriosis is an under diagnosed and often untreated disorder. It is widely believed that Endometriosis is most effectively diagnosed through a laparoscopy and biopsy of the tissue. However, even with surgery it can be difficult to spot depending on the tissues location. Severity of the disorder also plays into ability to identify. Symptoms of Endometriosis can include any of the following: severe pelvic pain before and during a normal menstrual cycle, pain during intercourse, painful bowel movements and urination during menstruation. Fatigue is common with Endometriosis, and it can also cause gastrointestinal upsets such as nausea, diarrhea and constipation. This disorder can go so far as to cause infertility. Symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some women who only have a minor amount to the abnormal tissue can experience severe symptoms and some with a large amount of it can experience no symptoms what so ever.…...

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