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Research Project "Market Strategy of Nerolack Paints"

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“Market Research
Current Standing Of
Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited
Its Competitors
In Ghaziabad and Noida”


By: Varun Singh Kalsi
PGDBM BATCH: 2007-2009

Company Guide: Faculty Guide:
Mr. Manojeet Rautrey Prof. Alpana Grover Das
Asst. Manager Assistant Professor
Kansai Nerolac, Ghaziabad Depot GHS-IMR, Kanpur



This project in the out comes of conscious attempt to understand the gap between theories and real life aspects of business. In actual theories are too good to be followed. Industrial interface through summer training has been made compulsory for the fulfillment of P.G.B.D.M. course so that student get geared up to take a deep plunge on the corporate world. This project is the culmination of my odyssey of my two month of exclusive study and development at KANSAI NEROLAC PAINTS LIMITED. This gave me a lot of practical exposure and also gave me a wide scope to acknowledge the new elements in today’s market place. Marketing is no longer a mere part of company, but drives the company’s vision, mission and strategic planning. Marketing deals with the whole process of entering market, establishing profitable position and building customer relationship. Customer is the king and now they are dictators. Even MNCs move to any extent for customer delight and ecstasy. In the highly competitive environment increasing customer demand poses a question before each firm-How can firms survives and prosper effectively in such a cutthroat competitive environment? This is where marketing research can help by providing necessary link between the marketing functions to work as a cohesive functional unit. One of the fruitful marketing...

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