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CA 260: Communication & Human Behavior
Research Synthesis Guidelines
Goal of a Research Synthesis
The goal of this paper is to summarize and discuss an article presenting research from the communication science and rhetorical approaches. This assignment is designed to help you learn how to read and understand communication research from the variety of methodological approaches that communication researchers use. You should concentrate on identifying the key questions/thesis, key findings/key arguments, and conclusions of the research article. The paper should be written in your own language.
Don't feel as though you have to repeat every detail verbatim; rather, try to provide a coherent summary in your own words of the key points asked of you in each paragraph.
Because being concise is an important feature of this assignment, you are required to accomplish this assignment within 500 words. Exceeding 500 words will result in point deductions.
Due Dates
• RS#1 should evaluate the reading by Brummett & Steuber by Monday, September 28th at noon
• RS#2 should evaluate the reading by Sims, due by Wednesday October 14th at noon
• RS#3 should evaluate the reading by VanHaitsma, due by Monday, November 9th at noon
• RS#4 should evaluate the reading by Nelson, due by Monday, December 7th at noon
Communication Science Paper (RS1 & RS2)
How to compose a research synthesis in exactly 4 paragraphs
Paragraph 1 should synthesize all of the following pieces of information that can be found in the research report.
• The rationale or purpose of the research.
• The general areas of existing scholarship that the researcher/s builds upon in the study.
• An explanation of key concepts or theories that the researcher/s uses to develop the project.
• Synthesis of the hypotheses or research questions that guide the study.
Paragraph 2 should summarize what methods were...

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