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Researches on Sap-Crm’s Application

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Researches on SAP-CRM’s Application in Cigarette Manufacturing Factory

Yi Wu
Business School Hohai University Nanjing , China e-mail:

Fengping Wu
Business School Hohai University Nanjing, China e-mail:

Abstract—The SAP-CRM is short for Customer Relationship
Management in SAP system. It is a fully functional, customercentric, e-commerce solution. This solution is designed to provide customers with satisfaction, and loyalty services. It helps to improve the competitive advantage, leading to higher profits. Through implementing SAP-CRM, it will help the enterprise to establish the formidable information sharing platform and to optimize processing flows, so the marketing department can get the marketing information accurately, providing the support directly to the marketing decisionmaking. At the same time, the SAP-CRM system will establish the relationship between marketing department and production department, research department, etc, promoting to form the sales program closed loop, market feedback processing closed loop as well as the new products researches closed loop. By SAP-CRM system, the staff will maintain with the channel customers and the terminal customers steady, assisting to plan and to carry out the sales. Moreover, the SAPCRM system provides the tools for the administrators to manage and monitor the sales persons. Through the SAPCRM’s implementation, it will help to create the more valuable customers relations for the enterprise, such as: innovating the products and services, making the top level marketing processes and maintaining the lasting customers relations. Keywords-SAP-CRM; process;; sales plan
Figure 1 Function overview of SAP-CRM

II. THE CIGARETTE MANUFACTURING FACTORY’S MARKETING DEPARTMENT MAIN DEMANDS TO SAP-CRM A. Sales Program Management Hoping to realize the plan (a half year/month of/week)...

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