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College students are education-oriented, information seekers, and multi-tasking experts. In today’s college classrooms, much of the information used by students is done via social networking. Social media networks are designed for the purpose of collective connections. It has increasingly consumed college students’ everyday lives in accessing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect and share with those around them (Miller, 2013). The popularity of social networking is increasing fast. This is because people use it extensively to get access from different resources. These social networking sites have become a powerful craze for everyone nowadays. Print Media involves printing which is a process for reproducing facts that concerns the country. Print Media is considered to be an outlet of media which is omnipresent despite of the fact that e-media age has started. This media is used to disseminate information through newspapers, magazines, tabloids etc. Newspapers carry the name of print media, because it is still one of the most significant medium today and is produced daily and have high circulations (Kipphan and Helmut, 2001). Broadcast Media is the electronic instrumentation of radio and television may it be local or national radio and television stations that reach vast number of people. Broadcast media play a very important role in any advertising campaign that needs to reach a broad target audience. The Radio dominates the airwaves through music with different genre and the Television which is a very powerful medium dominates in the houses of viewers. Television appeals more to the senses of viewers compared to other forms of media (Shrivasta, 2003). E- Media or the electronic media is a trend that almost everyone follows. This is characterized particularly by computers and the internet. Data is just one...

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