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Team work in an organization
Midas Fabrics and made in Africa as the chosen organization, team work can be involved to achieve job involvement. Membership, which is the cooperation of one or more individuals working in cohesion to one common goal, can get the employees more involved in work projects because they have settled on a mutual objective and aims.
Another characteristic of effective team work that donates to job involvement is social organization. This states that the groups enthusiastically discuss practical relationships, norms and roles. The employees working at Midas fabric can also learn to have productive involvement between the members. This is when all members contribute equally to the work and that all decisions are agreed upon unanimously. The use of effective communication and interaction is also another contribute to job involvement because this allows the monitoring of the group dynamics, processes and productivity.
Another factor of teamwork that contributes to job involvement is mutual interest. This is members focusing on the group as a whole and evading the personalization of the differences of opinion. To add on to that there is members of a group who support one another’s ideas, listens to each other and respects contributions. Lastly what this organization would need to contribute to job involvement is cohesion. The smooth flow of the groups functions without any interventions and actually learning something new and cohesion of relations with superiors.
Passion in an organization
Create a place where employees want to work-create an environment in Midas Fabrics which is exciting and energizes others to go to work. The utilization of innovation, transparency and communication of the passion one feels for the job. The use of acknowledgement and appreciation can encourage job involvement. Employees want to be part of a passionate...

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