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Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide
Ebony McClain
HCS/465-Health Care Research Utilization
December 14, 2015
Dr. Donna M. Lewis Lee

Research Process and Methodologies Study Guide

Steps in Research Process

There are a total of seven steps in the research process, which are the following: Identify the research problem, review information, clarify the problem, prepare the research proposal, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation and works cited report.
Research Problem

In order to first, define the problem, it is important to understand the problem thoroughly and having the capability of rearticulating the problem into terms that easily understood from another point of view. The research problem may be considered as a problem with the individual or the organization.
Review Information

Next, in the research process is reviewing the information related to the problem that has been identified. The researcher is responsible for investigating the problem further. Additional reviewing of sources are needed to gain more insight of the problem. During the second step of the research process, researchers should gain a better understanding of the extent of the underlying issue, anticipate how the problem will expand or decrease in the future, as well as identifying strategies to overcome the issue.
Clarify problem

Third, establishing a theory or in other words, clarifying the problem is important. In order to have a less confusing and successful research report, researchers should narrow down his/her topic to prevent it from being too broad. However, articles and other forms of literature have to be reviewed carefully to make the process of elimination most beneficial to fully understanding the problem.
Prepare Research Proposal

Preparing a research proposal is next, which involves collecting articles that are relevant...

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