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April 10 2013 In this essay we will be discussing the benefits of the proposed legislation and will discuss the benefits it will promote include reduction of fire deaths, decrease in property destruction. We will discuss the community wide benefits and the economic impacts of the cost associated with sprinkler installations.

Residential sprinklers have been around since the 1970’s. The first residential sprinkler ordinance was implemented in San Clement, CA in 1980. Since the 1980 it is slowly increasingly more common to see residential sprinklers installed in new and remodel 1-2 family dwellings by the amount of 1-2%.

Residential sprinkler systems have several benefits and are more beneficial the residents without contrary to popular belief. First and most important is the reduction of fire deaths. Sprinklers have been very successful in reducing multiple deaths from a single fire in a home. NPFA has yet to have a finding, or report that more than 2 people being killed in a fire where sprinklers were present and operational. In a 10 year period between 1989-1998 in the US, deaths were reduced by 78% when a residence was fully sprinklered. Since this study alarm systems have come along way with more advance technology and safer systems. An example of the effectiveness of the residential sprinkler system is the ordnance implemented in Vancouver. Over a 7 year period after the ordnance was in placed the fatality rate per year was reduced by 69%.

Sprinkler systems will also play a role in the reduction of personal injuries. It is proven that a fire will double in size every minute once it reaches 1000º F. At these temperatures injuries are very common and include smoke inhalation, minor to severe burns. Prince George county was able to report in a single year that only 7 injuries were reported and all were determined to be minor in nature.
Reduction of Property damage is another advantage to a residential sprinkler system. The same study used in the reduction of Fire Deaths from 1989-1998 was able to show a reduction of property damage by 42 % when the home was protected by residential sprinklers. This is done by fire containment. Sprinklers were able to contain the fire and reduce the spread to a contained area near the point of ignition. 93% of all fires in residences with a sprinkler system reported that the fire was contained to the room of fire origin.
Reduction of water damage has been report with the use of sprinkler systems as compared to non-sprinklered residences when a fire occurs. It has been reported by the Scottsdale Fire Department that there average sprinklered residences had fire fully suppressed with an average of 340 gallons in comparison the fire department extinguishment that used on average 2900 gallons of water. This goes to show a reduction of water damage.
Further benefits of sprinklered residences include those of lower insurance premiums, faster fire extinguishment, and reduction of losses from fire such as pets and family heirlooms.
A common misinterpretation is the cost of a residential sprinkler system. Contractors, builders and anyone investing to earning money from new residences are actively fighting tooth and nail to keep these out of residences due to the increase in cost put into the residence. Currently the average cost is approximately $1-1.50 a square foot. Engineers are working to reduce the cost even more. Current research includes that of figuring out how to prevent excessive backflow so that the sprinkler line can be attached to the main water lines and not interfere with clean drinking water. In the event of a fire the cost benefit of having an installed and operational sprinkler system is much more beneficial than not having one. Is it an extra cost, yes, If you are the victim of a residential fire it has the potential to pay for itself not only by saving the residence, but reducing the damage by smoke and flames and excess water damage caused by the fire department. With insurance premium reductions, depending on the company a sprinkler system has the potential to pay for itself.

In conclusion, Residential sprinkler systems are very beneficial for not only the homeowners but for also the community. Higher fire protection can result in high ISO ratings that will affect insurance premiums for an entire city. More lives will be saved in the event of fire and a very large reduction of property damage will be a result.

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