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Resilient City

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Elizabeth Kiem

Resilient Cities

What makes a city resilient? When the word resilience comes to mind I think of ones ability to bounce back. In the case of matching resilient up with a city I wasn’t quite sure what exactly goes into a city being qualified to earn that adjective. After navigating around the Building Resilient Regions Website and viewing what they do and how they do it, I found myself looking at their resilience capacity index. This index ranks over 300 U.S. cities on how it recovers from stress. Ultimately a cities stress is a mixture of how well it can handle natural disasters, economic decline, and rapid growth. It can be summarized as a cities ability to adapt and transform. When looking at the index the top ranked cities was not what I expected. I decided to see just how resilient one of my favorite cities to go to is; Seattle, Washington.
I picked Seattle because I love to visit there. Being from Arizona I love the change of scenery. Cool, rainy, and gray is a nice getaway from scorching and dry. I also have family there so it’s a city close to my heart. I have never thought about its resiliency so after I learn more the next time I go there I can see first hand what needs to be done or what it already doing. Seattle is the largest city in Washington and located between Lake Washington and an inlet of the Pacific Ocean called the Puget Sound. Seattle’s population is over 600,000 people. Seattle is hilly and has wet winters and dry summers.
In regards to climate change Seattle can be vulnerable because it of its opposite seasons, but I don’t think it is. I believe Seattle is completely aware of this urgent topic because they have a climate action plan. This plan was adopted by the city in June of 2013. The office of sustainability and environment is the head of Seattle’s climate policy development that created the plan. It focuses on...

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