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The study reveals that they do not have any definite mechanism with which they manage or cope with problems they encounter in Accra. They only try to manage as and when the problems crop up with the resources available to them. In most cases however, they degrade their statuses in the city to cope with the insults and humiliations they suffer on the line of duty. T Abrefa-Gyan (2002)
Ultimately, people lack a productive and household asset, which leads to urban poverty. So urban poverty is indicated as an urgent issue to be addressed and realised as many policies and development work focus on the rural areas yet rural - urban migration influx is high and continues to perplex modernisation in the city. Kiguli,J. (2004)
Woldiya in search of employment and to utilize urban services and education. Hence, the out flow of economically active people from the rural agricultural sector has a negative effect on production in the areas of origin and the receiving area now experiences problems such as a shortage of housing, unemployment, increasing cost of living, lack of access to social services, Therefore, to mitigate the problem of rural-urban migration is launching of integrated rural development policy. Miheretu, Birhan Asmame (2011-06)
The regression analysis shows that rural-urban migration contributes significantly towards the development of their rural communities through monetary remittances and the involvement of the rural-urban migrants in community development projects. Based on the findings, recommendations such as initiation of development projects based on the identified needs of each of the rural communities to augment the effects of migration in the study area are made. (2013) Chukwuedozie K. Ajaero and Patience C. Onokala
The adjustment of migrants to urban living is a difficult concept to analyze because the definition of adjustment varies from one...

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