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Resolving a Prison Crisis

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Resolving a Prison Crisis
Damon R. Lasley, III
Oakland City University

A prison crisis can be a terribly dangerous situation that has the potential to become deadly is it is not resolved quickly. While the crisis is often contained within the walls and fences of the prison, outside influences can be a contributing factor to either escalate or de-escalate and resolve the situation. By rapid response and execution of a crisis control plan, prison officials can prevent further deaths and injury to prison staff and inmates and destruction of prison property. Three approaches to solving a prison crisis, tactical intervention, negotiations and waiting for the conclusion. Implementing tactical intervention often involves the introduction of an emergency response team which makes a planned tactical strike which they have prepared for. Prison tactical staff have the special skills and training required to deal with such incidents and they are also frequently called to action as a precautionary measure with the vast majority of such incidents being dealt with very quickly with minimal disruption to the prison ( Hostages being taken is often the deciding factor for prison officials in putting a tactical maneuver into place. By forcibly retaking control of the prison from the rioting inmates, the prison officials may implement the use of deadly force since the force of a tactical assault must bear overwhelming force, which will overtake the riotous inmates (Useem, Camp & Camp, 1996). By using intelligence gleaned over time from various inmates and other sources, the prison officials have a better understanding of any inmate groups and their leaders. This information can be used to have leverage during any negotiations which may take place. Tactical commanders also have the ability to know when to act in relation to any information they have...

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