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A Famosa – Animal World

Located on 150 acres of pristine surroundings, the A'Famosa Animal World Safari is an amazing wildlife Safari that houses over 150 of the finest species from the animal kingdom.

8th Years, that’s 18th Years of Joy at A’Famosa Resort. We’ve came a very long way from a humble beginning. Here are some interesting fact about A’Famosa Resort.
In the year 1992, A’Famosa Resort development project begins with its massive land fills and construction of Golf course. It was carefully crafted with great skill and vision by an Australian golf architect, Ross C. Watson.
In the same time, the massive project of constructing Villas, Condos and Hotel begun. The Villas was aspired by the architecture from foreign land where each unit of the Villa are equips with a private swimming pool.

In the year of 1996, A’Famosa Resort introduced its very first Theme Park; Water World. The wet park was the visionary of the founder to have a place for family to have fun. The park makes it debut with its 7 storey high slide. A’Famosa Resort had open its gates for million of visitors to the resort ever since then.

Year 2001 marks the date for the opening of Animal World Safari. The animal sanctuary was build on a 150-acres land where animals can roam freely. The concept was to build an animal kingdom where visitors will need to hoop on a truck to venture in to the Safari.

One year soon after that, year 2002 A’Famosa Resort introduced its another new attraction which was the Cowboy Town. Live up by its name, the Cowboy Town was the visionary of the founder to relive the era of the Wild Wild West. The daily fireworks during its Carnival had been a normality for the locals.

Up to today, A’Famosa Resort is known as a holiday destination; a must-place-to visit in Malacca. Visitors had been visiting this place for different purpose. Be it for conference, family day, picnics or even your wedding. You’ll find this place as a hidden gem awaiting to be discover.

A'Famosa Water World

Which occupies a land area of 20 acres is the only water theme park of its kind in the southern region of this country and comprises of slides and pools of every kind. The park has lots of interesting and unique features such as choices of water slides - all designed to suit even the most sophisticated water enthusiasts.
Kids will find the Arabian Village and Kid's Adventure Pool an exciting adventure. For those looking for excitement, take up the challenge by trying out our Seven Storey High Speed Slide. Feel the adrenaline rush through your head as you slide down. Less daring souls can try out the Wave Pool, Family Raft Ride and the longest Lazy River in the world.


Experience a journey back in time to the good old days of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when you step into the resort's latest attraction, COWBOY TOWN. Occupying a land area of 5 acres, the Cowboy Town features a wide variety of outlets where entertainment is the name of the game such as restaurants, disco, beer garden, shopping village, pub, game centre, bowling alley, children theme park and funfair. The good old western feeling will come alive the moment you step into Cowboy Town when you come face to face with its rustic buildings, antiques, cowboys and cowgirls, country songs and stunt shows.

Microlight flying is an exciting adventure sport that provides people of all walks of life the opportunity to glide across the skies and feel the exhilaration of being as free as a bird. What’s more, if you have dreams of becoming a pilot, our flying school is more than ready to help you take that first step in achieving your goal.

Theme Parks

The 150-acre A’Famosa Animal World Safari, as its name implies, is an amazing wildlife safari that is home to more than 100 finest species of the animal kingdom. Each species is strategically located to one another for the added convenience of the visitors. The Animal World Safari’s many attractions include the Walk-thru Area, Chicken Farm, Monkey Island and a truck drive through the Safari itself for visitors to explore and learn more about their amazing world and habitats. In addition, a journey to the Animal World Safari would not be complete without watching its Elephant Show, Bird Show, Multi-Animal Show and the highly exciting Wild Wild West Show. There are so many interesting and unique features to be discovered, even the most sophisticated water enthusiasts would love it. The A’Famosa Water World provides 20 acres of adrenaline-pumping slides, rides and many more. Blessed with rows of trees which help to keep its climate at temperate levels, water enthusiasts will not doubt revel in the various activities available. What’s more, the water theme park also maintains highly safety standards to ensure an enjoyable yet safe experience for its users. Experience a journey back to the good old days of Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when you step in time into the Cowboy Town. Cowboy Town features a wide variety of outlets where entertainment is the name of the game, such as restaurants, Thai traditional massage center, fish spa, bowling alley, shopping village, photography corner, children theme park; and 4D Cinema. The good old western feeling will come alive the moment you step into Cowboy Town when you come face to face with its rustic buildings, antiques, cowboys and cowgirls, Red Indians, country songs, stunt shows, street brawls, trick gun draws and trick horse rides. Savior the truly magical moments of A’Famosa Carnival. Go all out to join our biggest and the most happening event! Be cheered with the Animal Musical Parade, colourful floats, be charmed with the fascinating and beautiful dancers, have fun at our street party, fire blowing acts, longest running fireworks display in Malaysia! You will love it!

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