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1) A busy, low income, working mum might save time and energy in the home by getting children to help with tasks around the house, use labour saving equipment when preparing and cooking meals such as a microwave, mixer and food processor and heat up leftover food or ingredients particularly after doing batch baking. All of these are affordable things to do for someone on a low income. 2) Energy consumption can be saved in the average family household by having a kettle with a cut off point when it has finished boiling; Timers or thermostats on things such as the central heating allow it to be turned off and on only when needed so no heat is wasted. Solar panels could be used however they are expensive to install. The hot water cylinder could be lagged to save fuel energy as it is very cost effective to do. 3) The house is semi-detached which means that one side of it will be colder than the other side so more insulation or heating will be needed on the exposed side. This will cost more money. They live in a small village near Manchester so it is likely that the parents will work in Manchester which means they will either have to drive to work or use public transport which will use time, energy and money. Johnny is at school which since it is a 6th form institution, is likely to also be out of the village and nearer to Manchester. This means he will need transport to get to 6th form which takes time, energy and money even if he is getting a lift off his parents. Molly is four which means she could be in nursery, childcare or school. If she is at nursery or childcare, this might cost money. Se might be home earlier than everyone else in the Average household which means that the heating will have to be on longer than it would be if everyone was out of the house working, this uses energy and money. She has diabetes which means she...

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