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Resource Matrix

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Resource Matrix

Source Accountability Accuracy Objectivity Date Usability
1. Harvard Business Review: In downturn, provoke your customers. Keith M. Eades

Article in Harvard Business Review. Ideas and concepts owned by author Author’s opinion Author’s opinion 2010 Should be able to use. Harvard Business review is a reputable publication.
2. Best Practice: Article in HVACR Distribution Business.

Author Authors opinion Author’s opinion 2009 Likely to use as it discusses solution selling specifically.
3.European Journal of Marketing. Leff F. Bonney and Brian C. Williams

Authors Authors’ opinions Authors’ opinions 2009 Likely to use at it discusses solution selling specifically
4.Selling with Integrity: reinventing sales through collaboration, respect, and serving. Sharon Drew Morgan

Author Authors Opinion Author’s Opinion 1997 The author and I share the same philosophies so I hope to use some of the material.
5.Red Hot Selling: Power techniques that win even the toughest sale. Paul S. Goldman

Author Authors Opinion Authors Opinion 2010 Not sure if I will use or not. Need to do more research.

Source Accountability Accuracy Objectivity Date Usability
6. Silver Bullet Selling: Six critical steps to opening more relationships and closing more sales. G.A. Bartick & Paul Bartick

Authors Authors Opinion Authors Opinion 2009 I like this because it is step or modular based. Would like to use.
7. The Everything Selling Book: How to be a successful salesperson even if you’ve never sold before. Marquerite Smolen.

Author Authors Opinion Authors Opinion 2000 May use.
8. Customer Centric Selling. Michael T. Bosworth and John R. Holland

Author Authors opinion Authors opinion 2004 I like this because it focuses on the customer and that is what solution selling is all about.

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