Resourcing Talent

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Resourcing Talent
(Certificate In Human Resource Practice)

The aim of this report is to:
* Identify and assess at least 4 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent.
* Identify and explain at least 3 organisation benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
* Describe at least 3 factors that affect an organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection.
* Prepare a Recruitment Authorisation Request to the MD comparing and contrasting the benefits of at least 3 different recruitment methods and three different selection methods.
In preparing this report, research was done through books and the internet and was based on the workings of the company I am employed by.
The Identification and Assessment of 4 Factors Which Can Affect an Organisation’s Approach to Attracting Talent
The main factor here is Supply and Demand:
* Is there a vacancy? The first point to consider is whether or not there is actually a vacancy to fill. If a current member of staff has left or is intending to leave, could the vacancy be filled by splitting the job between other current employees? This could be resolved by carrying out a job analysis gaining information from the leaver (through an exit interview) and the line manager. The opportunity could arise at this point to consider restructuring the company by promoting someone to take on more responsibility – thereby affording that employee greater job satisfaction and self-esteem and at the same time providing the company with the knowledge that they are less likely to lose further valued staff.
* Can the company afford to fill the role? It may be, given the current economic climate, that the company takes the opportunity to make a particular role redundant after discussion with the relevant line manager. It may be useful to…...