Respect & Discipline

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Respect & Discipline

The definition of respect is showing a positive feeling of esteem for another person or entity. But, respect is not tolerance; it has to be a genuine feeling of honor and not just putting up with the other person. Respect is an important first step in building a relationship and I value my relationship with the Army. Respect is not something that is done when it is convenient, it is done at all times. The Army teaches this as part of the 7 Core Values for many reasons. Even though the Army teaches us that respect is something that is given to the ranks, it is important to have respect for every soldier that I am in contact with whether or not I like them and whether or not they are ranked above me, below me or with me. It is not about respect for the individual as much as it is about respect for the rank. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect but especially those I am serving my country with. We all have to be part of the same team and treat each other the same way we expect to be treated. It is what keeps us a strong and unified. By having our superiors teach us the value of respect, they are uniting us for when we have to do combat. We have to rely on fellow soldiers as well as our superiors and without respect we would not care about helping each other. I can not expect others to treat me with respect when I am not showing them the same. This is taught to us in boot camp and we are expected to maintain the 7 Core Values at all times without even thinking about it.
The 7 Core Values are: Loyalty (Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers.), Duty (Fulfill your obligations), Respect (Treat people as they should be treated), Selfless Service (Put the welfare of the Nation, the Army and your subordinates before your own), Honor (Live up to Army values), Integrity (Do what is…...