Response to “Go Carolina”

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Response to “Go Carolina”

In the essay “Go Carolina”, David Sedaris wrote a story about himself having problem pronounce the sound “s”. Then, he is taken to a room and is told to start taking a weekly speech therapy lesson by an agent called Mrs. Samson. David felt strange and different from others since no one else had been called by the agent except him. I could deeply felt the author’s feeling for being different from others because I have a similar experiment when I was in primary school.

Unlike many students who like smiling and talking to others, I was not an outgoing student, which caused my classmates and teachers thought I was a “cool” girl. The word “cool” didn’t mean “unfriendly”, but mean I was not used to get alone with others. I tried to talk to some of my classmates, but the conversations between us soon over. I couldn’t talk a lot because I was afraid my words would hurt others. Sometimes, I was jealous the people who have a good communicate ability and have a lot of friends.

One day, when I was having an English class, the teacher asked me to present a conversation with another student in our class. I was feeling nervous and awkward at the time when I stood up. I didn’t know what I should talk and even how to start this conversation. I knew my classmates and my teachers were looking forward to what I was going to say since I was such a “cool” girl in their eyes.

“Hi!” said by my classmate.
“Hi!” I said.
“How are you?” He asked.
“Good.” I answered.
“Good! What did you do yesterday?”
“ Study.”
“Wow, you are a hardworking student. What did you have for dinner yesterday?”
“I ate fish for dinner yesterday too. “
“Em.” I nodded my head.
“Well, nice to talk to you, Bye.”

After the conversation, the teacher asked me to go to his office after class. I felt embarrassed; however, I knew how my teacher disappointed to…...