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Reading Response #2 After reading “Saving Sourdi” and to define Nea, the little sister, I can say she is a static character. From the beginning to the end she stayed in the same state of mind. I found her hilarious. There were some things she would say for example, “ I should have fought harder then. I should have stabbed this man, too.” It’s as if she has no filter, no emotions towards people outside of her family. She loves her sister, and has a very difficult time accepting she wont always be around. A man will take her away from Nea and she will have to learn to accept that. Now reading “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie” was a challenge. This was not my favorite read. I caught myself saying aloud, ‘what the hell?’ “If she’s a whitegirl you know you’ll at least get a hand job.” I literally felt offended, but I continued to read on. He describes girls of different cultures in different offensive ways. I could easily say the same about the opposite sex (just saying). I knew from the beginning from reading the title this wasn’t going to be a walk in a park for me and shall be interesting. I understood the condition in the Terrace neighborhood wasn’t a nice area to live, so that sort of explains the type of people around the area. This story was very challenging for me to understand overall. Back to “Saving Sourdi”, Duke was a flat character. He developed feelings for Sourdi and didn’t nor couldn’t do much about her marring another fellow. He seemed to accept it and he reacted when he encountered Sourdi with a black eye like a normal human being would. Mr. Chhay is an example I feel isn’t fair. For me, I feel like a person should be able to choose who they would like to spend their life with through marriage rather than it being arranged. There are people though, that learn to love that person and end up being very happy later on. My favorite part of this reading is when Nea tells us a story in which Sourdi told her and in the end she says, “I wished I was a Naga. I would have swallowed the whole world in one gulp.”.

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