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Responsibilities of Citizenship

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Responsibilities of citizenship: Example
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Dear Mr. President,

Being a part of the political participation is important so that the decisions that are not made by fewer people. Participation by the masses makes a greater decision, we should have the say of what goes on in our community. So it’s very important to get involved and educated to the laws they pass. That way we get the government we want not the government they force on us. We the people are their boss and not the other way around.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality in a manor no one had before and for that I believe that he deserves his own holiday. I know that he has one for his birthday but deserves one for all that he accomplished in life. There were many other respectable citizens who played important roles during the civil Rights Movement, but Dr. King was a leader, as well as an advocate of nonviolence. He was one of the greatest leaders of the nonviolence in the world. Some people say that he shouldn't have his own holiday but I say that he should be honored. After his death, people really felt the importance of hi cause. They realized that this man died for something he believed in, and others to believe in as well. Since he wasn't there to carry out his legacy, he left it in the hands of everyone else. What If he didn't give the “If I Had A Dream” speech? Where would we be? Imagine if he was too scared to speak up in what he believed in. The Civil rights movement changed our country, and the world. He inspired other countries to do the same. This country has come a long way, and we wouldn't have come this far without him. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an important part of American History and he always will be. I am so thankful for people like Dr. King, he especially gives others like me something positive to hope for. He tried to make people...

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