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Responsibility Of Illegal Immigrants In The US

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There are approximately 42.4 million immigrants currently living in the United States; 11.43 of them are here illegally. Many people believe that letting immigrants come into our country illegally is unacceptable, where others believe that they should be able to live here freely. Allowing people to come into our country illegally puts the U.S. at risk; these immigrants can ruin our economy, creep through our borders, and commit too many horrible felonies. People that are for illegal immigration believe that immigrants would help our economy due to the fact that they do not demand as much money from employers as citizens. Illegal immigrants have been taking jobs away from U.S. citizens. The immigrants believe that U.S. citizens don’t want some …show more content…
To a degree, they are right, but just by coming here without a visa or being a citizen is a crime. In the U.S., the crime rates have gone up due to illegal immigrants. Some of these people think that just because they weren’t caught at the border, they are invincible. But, “According to FY 2014 USSC data, of 74,911 sentencing cases, citizens accounted for 43,479 (or 58.0 percent), illegal immigrants accounted for 27,505 (or 36.7 percent), legal immigrants made up 3,017 (or 4.0 percent), and the remainder (about 1 percent) were cases in which the offender was either extradited or had an unknown status.” ("Illegal Immigrants Accounted for Nearly 37 Percent of Federal Sentences in FY 2014 - Breitbart." ). This states that illegals made up for 36.7% of the cases that have been brought to court, and found guilty, in 2014. Furthermore, most of the crimes that are committed by illegals are drug offenses, robberies, and assault, both physical and sexual. “According to the Center for Immigration Studies, another 23 percent, more than 43,000 illegal aliens, were convicted of drug offenses. The violent crime category of assault, robbery, and sexual assault.” ("Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We're All Victims | The Constitution Party.") Lastly, many of these crimes have been committed by terrorists who have come into the country illegally. Terrorist groups, new and old, have sent their men to our country to carry out missions/plans. "It is an acknowledged fact that since we have refused to secure our borders, we have facilitated the transit and infiltration of al Qaeda affiliated terrorists and narco-terrorists who are now living illegally in the United States." ( "Does Illegal Immigration Pose a Terrorist Threat to the United States? - Illegal Immigration -" ) With all of these immigrants coming into the country, Customs/Border

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