Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project
Ethics 316
Jun 4, 2012
Week 3
Dr. Been There Done That

The Responsibility Project
The following paper will examine the short film “Our World” from the Responsibility Project featuring singer John Legend. Specifically, the paper will provide insight into the organizational issue of education and how ethical principles, external social pressures, relevance of organizational, and personal decisions affect this societal problem.
Why are the issues in the film important?
The issues with this film center on our ailing educational systems in and around low income, poverty stricken inner cities throughout the United States. Ensuring each child receives a quality education regardless of ethnicity or social background is extremely important issue. John Legend is using his success and resources to address these exact concerns within the political arena in Washington.
What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics?
External social pressures can steer organizational ethics, both in negative and positive manner. For example, as John Legend highlights society (external social pressure) tends to have several pre-conceived notions on inner city education activities. One such negative notion is poor black, white or Hispanic children will not do well within the education system because of the influence of the geographical area, standards of living, and the lineage of their parents so we should just give up on them because they will not do well. Additionally, recent political initiatives (external social pressures) from the President of the United States on down have reinvigorated our focus as nation on equal and fair education for all children. As John Legend stated, we need to re-humanize our…...