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Responsible Business


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UGB247- Responsible Business
Report on Corporate Responsibility
‘Fashion Retailing in Europe’
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Module Leader/ Tutor: Mark Winter
15th May 2015
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1.0 What is Corporate Responsibility?

Page 3

2.0 Key Issues of Corporate Responsibility

Page 3

2.1 Issues Relating to Outsourcing

Page 4 and 5

2.2 Child Labour

Page 5 and 6

2.3 The Use of Animal Fur and Environmental Issues

Page 6 and 7

3.0 Best Practice Within the Sector

Page 7

3.1 Primark, Compensation and Utilitarianism

Page 7 and 8

3.2 H&M, Child Labour and Deontology

Page 8

3.3 M&S and Virtue Theory

Page 8 and 9

4.0 Recommendations

Page 9

4.1 Responsibility Auditing

Page 9

4.2 Education

Page 9 and 10

4.3 Making a Stand Against Animal Fur

Page 10

5.0 Conclusion

Page 10

6.0 References

Page 11 and 12

7.0 Appendices

Page 13, 14, 15 and 16


1.0 What is Corporate Responsibility?
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is “about businesses and other organizations going beyond the legal obligations to manage the impact they have on the environment and society.” (Lea, 2002)
In recent years, the fashion retailing sector in Europe has gained a lot of media interest over its irresponsibility to society and its employees. Some companies which have been under scrutiny around this issue include: Primark, Zara and H&M as well as many other brands which are increasingly popular on the high street today.
2.0 Key Issues of Corporate Responsibility
Responsibility in business terms can be defined as how a business‟s “operating activities impact on society, the environment and the economy.” In order to be responsible, companies
“look at their stakeholders and attempt to maximise the positive impact of their operations and minimise any negative effects.” (CIPD, 2015)

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