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Associate Program Material Appendix F Outline and Thesis Statement Guide With the way the economy is today people don’t think about that they are eating or think about the consequences, they look at the price. I. Eating fast food put you at risk for health problems. A. Subway vs. McDonald’s 1. Subway has baked foods 2. McDonald’s has fried foods B. Health risks. 1. Diseases A. Heart Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes 2. Can lead to death if you don’t control eating. II. With the economy getting worse people look for cheaper options. A. McDonald’s menu 1. Dollar menu and value meals 2. Drive thru for quick and easy access B. Subways menu 1. $5 foot longs 2. Call in and drive thru for fast and easy access III. Children and fast foods A. McDonald’s 1. Kid meal with toy to make kids get addicted to fast food young just for a toy 2. Now starting to make it where kids have to get apple...

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