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How to translate passions into a meaningful career path?
Self-reflection tied w/ emulation Visit the Oracle of Delphi Learn what others have done Use their paths as a road map for your own BUT, your path must be unique, because you are unique
Big mistake: following other peoples passions

Corporate Fit
Each company has its own cultural mores and core values
Alignment of your values with the firm’ values-translates into success and fulfillment
Good fit:
Don’t need to “understand” what to do. It is innate.
Full expression of your passions
Bad fit:
Others (with good fit) are getting promoted
Uncertainty, indecision, poor interaction and team skills
Don’t try to fake it, Cut your losses and get out!
When trying to add talent to my team, I am looking for: Fit between the character of the individual and the firm Alignment of passions w/ the specific role Intellectual capacity and experience/ interest in my particular industry

What traits do I looking for in successful employees?
The obvious things: Critical reasoning, team player, organization, multitasking…
BUT, also Understanding your place Doing what they are told with very little oversight Finding he little ways to add value
Key point: In order to gain my tryst in solving the big problem, one must be able to execute the small things well

Brass Tacks

Understanding the process

“Weeding out” process:
Step 1: 100-90 Missing or inconsistent information
Step 2: 30 seconds scan of resume- who can I throw out 90-25 Typos-Yikes! No fit/ no skills Poor organization
Key insight: I will have spent very little time evaluating many candidates before I weed them out

Saying the wrong things

Ex: B.A. Economic[s]
Key insight: The cover letter and resume must be perfect. Typos and grammatical mistakes will not be tolerated. Period.
Have an old person, who knows nothing about the job for which you are applying, proof-read your cover letters and resume.

Font size- 11 point font and no smaller.

Key insight: when I am going through a pile of resumes, it is usually at the end of the day and my eyes are tired. Don’t doom your chances by putting me in a bad mood.

Grammatical Mistakes

Resume Organization
Don’t task risks trying to differentiate yourself with the style of your resume:
Business font: times new roman
Limit the number of support bullets to 3
Use short, concise, skill-based descriptions
When you have 10 solid years of experience you may consider expanding your resume past one page, not before.
Key insight: sloppy resumes portend sloppy workers. Don’t hide your three or four top selling points within a mountain of blabber.

Me vs. You emphasis
EX: working at Acme Financial will help me gain valuable skills I am very interested in learning about what it is like working at an investment bank
Key insight: I do not want to hear what ou hope to gain from working for my company

Avoid Opinions, Superlatives, Embellishments and Unsupported Claims
EX: I think that I will be a perfect fit for the position Superior analytical and communication skills… Advised the CEO on cost allocations…
Key insight: I don’t want to hear your opinion about your skills. I want you to give me examples that illustrate them and I will judge their significance myself.

If do the following, I will stop reading:
Try to impress me with your knowledge or deep insights
Quote Shakespeare or Adam Smith
Tell me about how great my company is
Tell me how great you are
Tell me why working for my company will help you
Tell me what you like or don’t like
Tell me jokes or hit me with a proactive statement

Weak Action Verbs:
EX: Assumed, Witnessed, Interacted, Arranged, Initiated

Don’t be cute.

So what am I looking for?

Along with PASSION and CORPORATE FIT, two key drivers for success in most things worth succeeding in are CHARCTER and CAPACIT.
Especially when hiring newly minted BA’s and MBA’s with limited, relevant history, these traits are very important: Character-has the work ethic and philosophy that fits my team Capacity-has the intellectual capacity to grow and move up the learning curve quickly

Facts not Opinions:

Skills not Tasks
Focus on illustrating the skills you have learned, not the tasks that you have performed
Key insight:
Skills translate. Tasks do not.

No.1 most important thing

I want to see examples and evidence that you have an interest in my particular industry, and skills that fit the job for which I am hiring. Facts - yes; opinions - no.

Question we ultimately ask – “Does she really want to do what we do?”


The interview process is inefficient, especially for entry-level jobs:
Key insight: Perceptions and appearances matter: Handshake, Eye contact, Bad breath, Posture…

High degree of rejection

Persistence: Learn from your mistakes Refine your message Don’t be passive. UNABASHEDLY SELL YOURSELF!

Network - be a known commodity Use every available opportunity to meet or communicate with your target firms
Job and work environment familiarity
Research – culture, strategy and news
Practice – fluid but not scripted
Appearance – invest in the appropriate attire

First impressions:
Be on time
Dress appropriately Dress for success. Avoid loud or unkempt clothing.
Bolg: How to get Hired
Mentoring program at

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