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Executive Summary
Foreign trade has been considered as an engine of economic growth. The progress of a country to a large extent depends on their ability to trade relatively freely with the rest of world. The rapid export growth not only contributes directly to economic growth but it permits more imports and rapid modernization of production. It is necessary to understand Indian Fertilizers Industry position in world trade and their promotional strategy for integrating India with the world trade. In terms of Indian Fertilizer Industry, Composition of Foreign Trade, Direction of Exports and Imports and Major Problems of Indian Fertilizer Export Sector will be analyzed. Overall the industry specific export-import scenario, avenues and prospects, India’s competitive advantages and disadvantages and suitable export strategies to boost the exports of carpet related products will be discussed.

Though economic relations between India and Korea have been strengthening, the current size of trade and investment between the two countries is relatively low compared to the size and structural complementarities of the two economies. In this context, the present paper analyses trade and investment relations and explores future areas of potential co-operation between India and Korea. We find that the increase in merchandise trade between the two countries has been mainly because of the changing demand structure and comparative advantages of both the economies in complementary sectors in recent years. The Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) analysis, at both the aggregated and disaggregated levels, shows that while Korea has been specialising in a few, high value-added manufacturing products, India’s exports have been more diversified. The analysis also indicates that both the countries have comparative advantages in different products in the same industry, revealing the...

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