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Decola D Knight
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To obtain a challenging position where I will utilize my strong organizational, communication, computer and interpersonal skills to contribute to the productivity of the mission.

Eastern State Hospital-Program/Williamsburg Juvenile Detention
Administrative Assistant (07/2004-04/2006)

Provided professional-level administrative support to the Principal of two state-based programs (Eastern State Hospital Educational Department, Merrimac Juvenile Detention Education Program).

In charge of creating, processing, and maintaining over $1 Million Dollar budget.

Created expense reports. Gathered information, assembled, and integrated different software types(Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to produce documents and charts for review.

In-charge of gathering, assembling, and ensuring an accurate account of monthly student data for/from 25 state operated programs to be sent and verified by the state education department.
Liaison between all impacted departments to ensure proper communication and reporting practices.

Office Supply Manager. In charge of purchasing computers, copiers, printers and program supplies for both work sites. Direct vendor relations to maintain, repair, and refurbish office equipment. In charge of impact card; requisition order and reconciling receipts.

Planned and coordinated luncheons, special events, travel arrangements, venues, and agendas for state-operated programs. Developed presentations and brochures for related on and off site meetings. Direct business relations and distribution of school literature to stimulate interest and informational materials throughout different school districts.

Created monthly reports pertaining to weekly attendance and vacation records on 10 departmental employees.

Received calls, greets visitors, and directs clients to appropriate location or action. Managed incoming and outgoing mail and deliveries.

Created documents and provided document reproduction. Reviewed, maintained, and updated employee regulations and procedural manual. Reviewed outgoing correspondence for procedural and grammatical accuracy. Established and maintained files on new clients and students.

Conducted interviews with schools, teachers, and students for fact-gathering, headcount, and other related information to create files.

Performed filing, faxing, copying, and other clerical tasks.

Assistant to the Director of Human Resources
08/2000-07/2004)(Front Desk)

Provided support to Director and Coordinator of Human Resources and assisted staff with special projects.
Maintained front office. Served as first point of contact to the School Board Office. Received/forwarded calls to four departments, served as liaison between the public and staff.

In charge of ordering, assembling, and distribution of applications. Reviewed and consulted with applicants to obtain and/or verify complete data required for final data processing. Entered and maintained employment files in Abra tracking software. Screened applicant records and files to ascertain that all necessary documents are present according to the requirements of the position. Updated job vacancies via telephone.

Greet and direct interview applicants to appropriate location. Assist with the testing of applicants.
Excellent ability to learn departmental operating procedures.

Opened, distributed, and picked up mail for interoffice employees. Copied, assembled, and sent out contracts for district. Created and maintained log of visitors.

Maintained files, purges and disposed of office records/files in accordance with established regulations and procedures.

Produced mass mailings using varied advanced software. Made employee badges. Considerable amount of data entry.

Use varied and advanced functions of word processing software to create, format, modify, edit and print a variety of documents. Performed functions such as add, copy, correct, delete, or move text.

Ipsos-Asi-Newport News, VA.
Considerable data entry, transcribing, proofreading, and editing documents to be sent to marketing firm.

Performed multiple jobs and large volume of work in timely manner.

Daily contact with Directors to establish deadlines and quality standard.

Created and maintained information from clients on consumer products. Was responsible for 10+ projects a day to be sent via-email.

Called consumers to gather information about products seen on TV to be transcribed.

Contractors Safety Council, Corpus Christi, TX.
02/1995-6/1996)Executive Secretary to President

Safety firm that taught oil refinery employees and other hazardous workers how to establish and maintain safety on the job site. Passed all levels of safety and hazard training.

In charge of creating documents, manuals, reference materials and log books for safety council trainers.

Made travel arrangements, created inter-office memos, files, faxed, and answered phones. Responsible for recording names and information for all clients entering the program.

Cross-trained to backup all secretarial positions. Implemented tracking system to maintain over 200 videos moving throughout the organization.

Army/Airforce Exchange Service/ AAFES, Newport News, VA.
Ascertained orders to be shipped to different exchanges.

Unpacked boxes to be sorted and distributed in warehouse. Certified on various forklifts.

Maintained dexterity and endurance in fast-paced environment. Inventory Manager/Sales Associate, Schofield, HI. In-charge of ordering, stocking, and maintaining supplies for the music department. Maintained log for inventory and in-charge for distributing merchandise throughout store. Responsible for displaying, organizing, putting out stock, and changing out new and old materials.

Provided and maintained special orders for consumers. Served as point of contact relating to all music materials.

Gathered information for up-coming special prices and events. Independently followed established procedures for documenting material location, prices, and consumer complaints.

Accepted cash and other negotiable instruments at register. Ability to operate an electronic check-out system.

Supervised and trained five employees as my assistants. Manages subsistence ordering, receiving and inventory control through DeCA/AAFES interim Business System - DeCA/AAFES Overseas Hawaii, Pacific Region Oconus.

Ordering and Receiving including initial planning and requirements analysis and determination through acquisition and distribution to ultimate issue, resale and disposal. Monitors item movement, tracks timing of orders and observes requisitioning activity to ensure resale subsistence is available at the right place at the right time.

Performs continuing analysis to determine current and future supply requirements to meet the established needs. Determines current and future requirements, considering such factors as stock turnover, storage cost, requisitioning or procurement lead time, known stock on hand, usual or unusual issue demands, stock excess and mobilization requirements. Studies subsistence reports, assists in cross-leveling of subsistence to insure optimum supply of resale items are available.

Secretary, Kee Business College, Newport News VA. , Graduated 1994
Human Resources Administration BA, St. Leo University, Langley VA.,
Microsoft Professional Suite, Abra Suite, IFAS, Communications Training, Customer Service Training Leadership/ Executive / Jan-1999-Basic
Leadership/Executive /Feb-1999- Advanced
Leadership/ Taking Charge/Office Management/Program Development- Jan 2001
Certificate of Merit- Padget & Thompson- Jan-2001
Contractor Safety Council- Executive Leadership Training-1996
Hazardous Goods/Material Training-1996
Material Handling Equipment Certification/Warehouse- 1990
Proficiency Award Certificate/ AAFES
2 Above & Beyond Awards,WCC
Certificate of Professional Achievement/AAFES
Issuing Officers/Traing Certificate-Dept of labor & Industry-VA.
Persuasion Training-Research Interview Training/ Certified RLJ-Va.
Qualitiy Assurance Rep Training- ASI market Research
Dean's Certificate of Accademic Excellence/ ST. LEO-2004

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