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Retail Oulets

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Dissertation topic: retail outlets

QUESTION: Why are international brand outlets not localized? And how successful are they by not adapting to the local environment?

"A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company", this is said by Amir Kassaei, who is known as one of the top chief creative officer DDB worldwide.

The brand is not all about the product; its success depends majorly on the environment and the way it is presented. What is retail design? Retail design encompasses an understanding of what will work aesthetically in a retail environment, including tangible (i.e. fixed, material) as well as intangible (i.e. immaterial or atmospheric) design elements. Retail design requires a designer to fully understand all aspects related to the concrete development of a store concept, including how the store will perform functionally and commercially.

The design of a retail outlet plays a major role in the success of a retailing business. This question was inspired by the fact that when a food outlet is introduced in a locality, its menu is also changed to cater the localized flavor, like Pizza Hut introduced special flavors according to Pakistani taste, but the question is, does the interior design change as well?

In my dissertation I will be discussing the retail brand outlets and will compare them with national brand outlets as well. The initial approach towards this topic was by searching, how the design of a brand outlet is compromised when it is opened in a different locality to give it a localize feel? But later it was changed to why international brands are generally not localized and why opt for homogenous interior feel, and does it affect their success rate. Recently in Pakistan we see opening of a lot of international brands on...

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