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2.0 Introduction

With the rising number of retailers, it is becoming essential to have strategies that work not only in the retailer itself but also to help it survives from the competitors in the same market.
The aim of this report is to find the best-suited strategies for Mulberry, which is struggling to stay and compete in the market.
This report presents analyses used to evaluate the internal and external environment and positioning of the retailer in order to get the rationale behind the retailers’ selected strategies.

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand, which is known for its outerwear (“Company History”, n.d.). In 2014, it reached over £400 million revenue with 193 stores opened all over the world (Burberry Group Plc, 2014).

Large leather goods are one of the products that boosting the business which represents more than 30% of total revenue followed by women and men trench coat and its latest product line which is Burberry Beauty with revenue reached £151 million as of march 2014 (see Appendix 1). The biggest contributor of sales revenue is Asia Pacific region with the least mainline stores compare to Americas and Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa (EMEIA) region (Euromonitor, 2014).
Realised the need to go digital and capture the Millenials segments, Burberry go into seamless approach by launching Burberry Bespoke which allows customers to create their own design of clothing. Burberry Kisses the latest digital medium collaborated with Google to deliver virtual kisses in order to promote the Beauty line as well (Davis, 2014).

Created by Roger Saul, it started off selling leather goods in early 1970 (“About Us”, n.d.). Two of the most well known designs are Alexa bag and Del Rey bag − named after two people with enormous fashion inffluence. With Emma Hill as creative director...

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