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Production began in 2003, but discoveries 1961-1967.
Production at Pande-Temane 183 MGJ per year
* Mozambique basin * Rovuma basin: 29,500 km square
Recoverable reserves * 32-65 tcf * Discovered in 2 years (2010-2012) in Area 1
Gas in Place * 62 tcf
50 MMtpa- 2030
First two trains- 10 MMtpa- 2018
$15 billion
$12.8 billion 2011- $7 billion p annum in revenues | 82pct
Corruption decreases when: * a bureaucrat’s wage is raised * the fine for dishonesty is increased * the bribe received is reduced
Rovuma basin
100 tcf recoverable reserves; 277 tcf resource base
Monetization projects * Scenario 1: two trains
Production parameters used * 20 yrs plant life * 10 pct discount rate (WACC: * 330 days p.a * Feedstock cost, OPEX and revenue equally distributed * CFs happen at end of year * PSA: Petroleum production tax (royalty) 6%; ENH 15%, IOC 85%, Corporate tax 32% * A CAPEX $30 billion (should be $20billion) for two trains
DEMAND LNG * 2012: 236,2 mmt 908 bcf | 10 mmtpa- 38 bcf |
Project Costs
$2000/ton | $3000/ton

OPEX= Liquefaction, Voyage costs Capex | OPEX (no depreciation)LIQUEFACTION | VOYAGE | | $1b p.a for 15yrs | -Liquefaction: $1.11mmbtu-Production capacity 90%9MMt-1mt=48MMbtu | 66000mt-vesselDuration: 6969nm in 15 days | | | 9MMT*48,7= 438.300.000MMBtu | FUEL | | | 438.300.000MMBtu*$1.11=$486.513.000 | | |

LNG Assessments and Netbacks
The value of LNG globally is assessed by Plats using its MOC (Market on Close) assessment process.
This MOC establishes: * Core standards for how data is collected and published * How data is prioritized by value * How daya is analyzed in the course of
Standard cargoes
135 000- 175 000 cu m
Qatari Q-Flex: 210 000 cu m...

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