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Review of Connet the Dots

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Innovative Business Ideas * Transforming ideas into business
“Connect the Dots” is a book written by Rashmi Bansal. It tells the stories of courage, determination and inspiration of 20 people from different backgrounds who chose to become entrepreneurs without doing an MBA.
1.Street Smart : * This story is about Prem Ganapathy, who started Dosa plaza without a degree. * The one thing he believes which accounts for the success of his business is relationships. * He expanded his branches and had franchisees in New Zealand and other countries
2. The Inventor :
This story is about Kunwer Sachdev, who runs Su-Kam a 500 crore company in the field of power electronics..He realized there was a huge demand for inverters. He did a lot of R& D for offering a better product than that are existing.He was successful and he continued to offer a better products which was helpful for his expansion of his business in foreign markets.
3. To Sir with Love :
This story is about Ganesh Ram, who started Veta- India’s largest trainer in the field of spoken English. Ganesh was good at teaching and had choosen that to be his career. Then he started spoken English courses. He slowly expanded his business to other states by advertisements and started franchisees.
4. What women want : * This story is about Sunita Ramnathkar , who launched ‘Fem’ fairness bleach. * She handled all the marketing part, gave demos to many people and then got their product on shelf. She even concentrated on advertisements to attract customers. * They slowly expanded to liquid hand wash and hair removal creams. They even followed a cash and carry method. Then they introduced ’Oxy’ a very superior bleach.
5. Food for Thought: * This story is about M Mahadevan, who runs a food empire stretching across cuisines and continents. * He started a Chinese...

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