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The Social Network, 2009

Deadline: 12 October 2012

Write a Movie Review on “the Social Network” (200 words)

Facebook is a social networking website that everyone is familiar with. However, few students truly understood the story behind Facebook’s creation. They weren’t familiar with the people behind the film, it’s beginnings, or the conflicts that occurred around the creation, until the premiere of the film.

Mark Zuckerberg was a relatable character and a dedicated Harvard student who had multiple social issues. He was inspired by his fellow students and an intemperate hacking catastrophe to create perhaps the greatest and most marketable social networking website ever.

As the film progressed, the story also showed the dark side including intellectual theft, privacy violation, corporate scandals, and betrayal as it takes you through Mark’s struggle with conflicts over bad choices he made for himself. The climax incorporated the fact that as Mark got ahead of himself in business, he hurt his friends while doing so. The story ended happily and gives the viewer a new vision of Facebook and the years of work that went into it.

Facebook was a major part of this average student’s life, however, it gives the viewer a new appreciation of everyday life, for things once considered mundane, and apprehension for hurting people close to you.

Characterize Mark Zuckerberg and include/comment on the following (min. 250 words)

Physical appearance

Mark Zuckerberg’s character was an average looking American college student. He was thin, dressed informally and had shaggy, unkempt hair.

Education and work

Zuckerberg attended Harvard, therefore he must have been a well educated young man.

Level of Intelligence

Zuckerberg had a high level of intelligence, perhaps that’s why he was so socially withdrawn…...

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