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Review of the Christian Calling to Business Life

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Review of The Christian Calling to Business Life I have dealt with many people in my lifetime. In my opinion, people with religion believes do have better quality than the people don’t have. I came from China, and most Chinese people don’t have religions. They don’t even know wait in line when they are at cashier. When an old Chinese lady fell down on the street, there was nobody even trying to help her out because they were afraid of being framed.
After reading “The Christian Calling to Business Life” by Shirley J. Roels, I deeply realize that Christian will bring a better quality of business styles. Church and its leadership structure are actually as same as business. They were both created with the same concepts. In Church organization, the people in ministry consist pastors, worship leaders etc, and they are guided by our GOD. In business, it consists employer, employee, supervisor, manager, and regular workers. In Shirley’s article, she highly recommended that Christian should be called in order to better quality the business, and she also suggested this should be happened in 21st century. This really brings me a bright sight that there are many businesses went to bankrupt or collapse nowadays. But I did not hear a Church falling down so far. The reason been is the Church’s effective leadership and its ethical strategies are more powerful than a regular business. This theory really leads me to imagine if there is a business filled out with all Christians from the leaders to the followers, what its future is going to be? It also prompts me that in Human Resource Development (HRD), we should try out different ways improving our skills, knowledge, and actions. But throughout all of the ideas, there is only one question bothering me is that why it is necessary that we need to call Christian for the business? I thought I found the answer in the article: “The...

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